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When Disaster Strikes, Know the Drill

Dear Clients & Friends, What happens when a natural disaster strikes, and you cannot get an insurance company to pay out your claim? When you are pursuing an insurance claim, always be the first to gather the evidence – visit the scene, take many pictures, and read through your own insurance policy. Insurance companies will […]

Fear the Monster!

Dear Clients & Friends, Due to a Freedom of Information subpoena, federal officials have released reports of 13 deaths within four years that cited the involvement of high caffeine products. Without knowing the specifics, the suspects could most likely be 5-Hour Energy Shots (owned by Manoj Bhargava), Rockstar Energy, Monster Energy, Red Bull, Full-Throttle (owned […]

Maryland Court’s Ruling for Dog Bite Claims

Dear Clients & Friends, Maryland’s highest court ruled that pit bulls are a deadly weapon and an owner is strictly liable for any damages that are a result of the dog. Before this ruling, if you were negligent and your dog got away and attacked someone, you were most likely protected by your homeowner’s insurance, […]

Employment Contracts

Dear Clients & Friends, Whether you are a staff pharmacist, an independent contract, or the director for a non-profit, an employment agreement has become a standard business requirement. The purpose of an employment agreement is to protect the employer’s clientele while still allow you to earn an income and retain your own individual rights. Employment […]

What is an Umbrella Policy?

Dear Clients & Friends, I have received several phone calls asking what happens if you are the at-fault driver to a serious accident or if someone gets hurt while at your home for a party. How do you protect yourself? A personal liability policy (umbrella policy) is designed to protect YOU and your assets from […]

Insurance and Why It Is Important

Dear Clients & Friends, When you are driving your car and there is an accident in which the other driver is at fault, you rely on their insurance company to pay for medical bills, vehicle repairs, and lost wages from work. But what happens if the other driver carries minimal insurance and it is not […]

Shoulder Implant Recall 2017

The Zimmer Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder is a shoulder replacement device that is surgically implanted to help restore arm movement. The device is beneficial for patients who have experienced rotator cuff tears or a severe type of shoulder arthritis (known as arthropathy). The manufacturer is recalling their shoulder implant devices because they are fracturing at […]

Medical Alert

As you may be aware, a rare type of meningitis is spreading through the state of Maryland. This rare type has been found to be linked to spinal injections for back pain. Specifically speaking, patients who have visited certain facilities between July 30th and September 28th were potentially exposed to a steroid drug that was […]