Dear Clients & Friends,

Whether you are a staff pharmacist, an independent contract, or the director for a non-profit, an employment agreement has become a standard business requirement. The purpose of an employment agreement is to protect the employer’s clientele while still allow you to earn an income and retain your own individual rights.

Employment agreements are often one-sided (against the employee) and may contain provisions that are legally unenforceable. There may be certain limitations in a non-compete agreement that are illegal, but you consent to them unknowingly.

When you speak with me, I will explain the law and provide negotiating options based on your needs. Do not limit yourself or your future choices, understand the law and your legal rights, and negotiate fair terms with your employer. Throughout my career, I have written many of these contracts for several employers, so I am able to give you feedback from both sides of the table. Call me to discuss.

Be well. John CM

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