My name is John Anderson, Jr. and I am an Associate Attorney with Angelos Legal Group. It is my honor and pleasure to personally introduce myself to you over this 2021 Veterans Day Holiday. Before becoming an attorney, I spent five years in the Marine Corps infantry, traveling around the globe before my last deployment to Afghanistan. After leaving active duty, I started my academic career in the Fall of 2012 and graduated four years later with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from the University of Baltimore. I then attended the University of Baltimore School of Law and graduated in December of 2019, achieving my Juris Doctor. I became a member of the Maryland Bar in June of 2020.

Presently, I am working on personal injury, medical malpractice, divorce and family law cases, criminal defense, and a variety of other matters with many different individuals. Though I work on a wide array of cases, I do have one case that I want to describe that is particularly important to me personally. A gentleman with prior service was referred to me because I advocate for the rights of other Veterans and those who currently serve our country.

I represented this Veteran in Baltimore City in a factually unique matter. The client was charged with serious criminal charges which are traditionally handled by the criminal courts and can lead to significant jail time. However, in Baltimore City there is a unique court solely for Veterans: Veterans Treatment Court (VTC). While the facts of this matter could have prevented this Veteran from standing before the VTC, I was able to successfully move his case into this court. As a result, the Veteran was able to stay in the community under strict guidance and supervision so he could continue to work and support his family and community. Without this resource for Veterans, this gentleman would not have been able to stay out of jail and receive the treatment that he so desperately needed. If you know a Veteran who is struggling or facing an uphill legal battle in our justice system, please have them call our office.

Veterans Treatment Court is a valuable and underrated resource for Veterans who have been struggling after their service. Each year the court celebrates the VTC anniversary with Veterans Day, and this year, myself and John C.M. Angelos are proud to announce that we will be in attendance at this very special celebration on November 16, 2021.

Lastly, Angelos Legal Group is supporting Wreaths across America by sponsoring Veterans’ Wreaths for Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens (MDDVMG). We will also be in attendance for their 2021 ceremony on December 18th at noon to help place wreaths on each of the 4000+ veterans buried at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens. We invite all of those who are available to please come join us in supporting our veterans and their families. 

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