Please take time over this Memorial Day weekend to remember and honor those who have lost their lives serving in the United States military. The nation’s tradition of recognizing fallen soldiers on the last Monday of May dates back to the Civil War. For many, the holiday also marks an unofficial “start” to summer each year, as families take time together to enjoy the outdoors and share stories about loved ones who served.   

We would also like to address a few recent questions we have received regarding laws for consumers in Maryland:

1.     Negligence liability for minors: In Maryland, minors are subject to liability for their tortious acts. In cases of personal negligence, minors have a duty to act as a reasonable person of their same age, intelligence, and experience would act to prevent harm.

2.    Insurance premiums and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims: Auto insurers in Maryland are prohibited from increasing insurance premiums after an insured driver files a PIP claim or receives a PIP payment.

3.     Insurance company access to red light camera footage: Red light camera violations in Maryland are not reflected on driving records and are not disclosed to insurance companies. Companies do not have access to footage of red light camera violations, nor can they use such violations as a basis for raising a customer’s insurance premiums.  

Additionally, please be aware of recent lawsuits related to two medical devices:

1.     Forty lawsuits have been filed against Allergen, Inc. for a Lap-Band device alleged to have caused significant injuries after the devices eroded in the victims’ stomachs. The Lap-Bands are designed as long-term devices for weight loss.

2.    Pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi is currently the subject of cancer lawsuits related to antacid Zantac. The drug is commonly used to treat ulcers and acid reflux. In 2020, the company issued a voluntary recall of the product due to the presence of carcinogens.

Angelos Legal Group wishes you a safe, healthy Memorial Day and start to the summer season.  If you have any legal issues you wish to discuss, please call me. 

-John C.M.

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